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Business purpose: TechGenie Media does various types of technical projects, home inspection, training, communications, and video production projects, in Franklin, Lincoln, Montgomery, St. Charles, and Warren County, MO.

This includes technical project management, home inspections, creating technical marketing content and entertainment content, Web publishing, technical training, actor and writer training, and does video production (Movie Stream Productions), etc.

Through home inspections, we can offer advice and limited drawings for correcting structural and safety problems, or indicate the type of specialist needed, but we don't do referrals. We don't offer construction or remodeling services.

History: TechGenie Media, LLC reaches back many decades. It began as Cole Technical Service, a small company doing ad hoc technical design and service projects in East Central Illinois. Cole Technical Service became Visual Writer, LLC., in 1991, for technical writing contracts, building construction contracts, and for publishing Web sites.

In 2006, the (small) company restructured as TechGenie Media, LLC., doing the above listed "business purpose" services. It currently publishes,,,,,, and various other business and church Web sites. Copyrights for all published material belong to their respective writers or site owners.

Contact: To inquire about services, Contact us. (We don't respond to product and service sales requests, don't have an office location for visits, and aren't in need of business services.)

Legal: TechGenie Media, LLC is registered in the State of Missouri. It is licensed and located in Warrenton, MO, and has no office or physical location for client visits.

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